Hear what other students have to say about their learning experience:

“It allowed me to tie together my various classes at school--natural history, sciences, history--and approach education in a more holistic ways."

“I learned many real-world applicable skills that are normally left out in classrooms.”

“This program was much more than an academic experience for me. I learned a lot that applied to my major. And I learned a lot of life skills that I value more than the academics.”

“The program was more than I hoped it would be, it exceeded all of my expectations. I always felt comfortable, safe, and like I was learning a lot.”

“This program was way better than any type of learning experience I’ve ever had. I think I have absorbed more information and will retain it better than other classes.”

“Everything we studied made me really appreciate the place I was in as well as my life.” 

“I gained decision-making, communication skills, confidence, and a passion for living life and learning.”

 “A wonderfully structured academic and backpacking program that pushed me mentally and physically.”

“I learned a lot about everything: the history of the area, the people, the geology, and ecology.”

“An incredible outdoor classroom and laboratory to struggle and learn.”

“The program gave me tools to think and to see my environment, wild or otherwise, in a new way.”

“This program gave me a new perspective with which to approach my classes at school.”

“Incredibly rewarding and life changing for students who are willing to push themselves and are eager to learn.”

“The program helped me think about career plans by assessing what I truly enjoy.”

“Learning while walking through the landscape features was amazing, plus reading scientific papers about things we could go and personally look at was incredible."

Banner Photo: Hiking. Photo credit: Jeremy Pataky