Pick.Click.Give to the WMC

If you are an Alaskan and receive the PFD, please consider sharing some of your dividend by making a donation to the Wrangell Mountains Center through Pick.Click.Give. Show your love for Alaska and for making our state a better place by supporting our rich educational programming. 

Read what some of our students said last year:

“After all these years of being a bystander, but enthusiastic observer, of the WMC, I’m thrilled to have at last become a participant! To be able to bring my own learning goals to an organization I have so long admired from outside and have them met in such satisfying ways has brought me a sense of integrated completion—like the weaving together of two of my favorite strands. Thank you so much!”
— Rita Pfenniger
“Alaska is one gigantic field seminar and the Wrangell Mountains Center has 13 million acres for its classroom. As much as I’ve tried to be attentive to my landscape, to its flora and fauna, I realize how much I don’t know. Thanks to programs at the WMC, artists, writers, and citizen-naturalists continue to be awed and inspired”
— Kathleen Tarr

Did you already file for your PFD? It's not too late! You can log into your account and donate through Pick.Click.Give through August.

Donate before March 31, 2014 and you have the opportunity to double your dividend! Ten Alaskans who Pick.Click.Give non-anonymously before the end of March will receive an additional dividend (Official sweepstakes rules).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

If you are not an Alaskan or wish to give to us directly, you may do so with the donate button below.


Thank you so much for sharing your love and for making our mission possible!