Field Studies Credit and Cost


Students heading into the back-country to begin field data collection

How many credits are offered?

Evergreen State College awards 16 quarter (=10 semester) units of upper- division (junior-senior) credit for successful participation, including for Evergreen students up to 8 units of upper division credit in the natural sciences, depending on field projects selected. Students from other campuses can consult with their advisors regarding application of field studies credits toward their majors. A number of students developed their term project data and reports into capstone projects and theses, after their return to campus.

How much does it cost?

The program cost is $9,400, payable to The Evergreen State College. This fee includes instruction granting 16 quarter (10 semester) units of academic credit, use of Wrangell Mountains Center facilities, all meals, backcountry resupply, specialized equipment, and transportation between Anchorage and McCarthy. In addition, students are responsible for their transportation from their home to Anchorage and for personal backpacking and camping gear. 

Students may consult with their home campus regarding applicability of financial aid toward program cost.

We have need-based scholarships available!

Transfer of credit:

Students receive an Evergreen transcript showing the credits earned, with narrative evaluation of academic achievement. Staff at Evergreen will work with students regarding transfer of credits to institutions requiring letter grades.