Summer Arts and Lectures Series

Our Summer Arts & Lectures Series promotes the arts and sciences as integral and necessary components of an educated and enlightened existence. This program is organized to inspire personal discovery, creativity, and intellectual inquiry. We hope to sustain an inclusive community by presenting relevant, unique, entertaining, and diverse events including performances, films, and lectures in the Kennicott Valley.

Most of our lectures and arts presentations are free to members and highlight the incredible talent housed in or drawn to this small mountain community. This series is sponsored in part by the National Park Service. Many of the events are held in the Kennecott Recreation Hall and others occur at our McCarthy campus. Please check back for an expanding list of specific dates and times. FREE to current members. There is a $5 suggested donation for non-members unless noted otherwise and WMC membership is available at each event, or sign up here. Please write to with questions.

Stay tuned, we will release our 2018 Summer Arts and Lectures Series schedule soon! Check out past SALS schedules here. 

Lecture notices are also typically announced on our Facebook page, like us to stay up to date on the latest scheduling news. If you are interested in giving a lecture at the Wrangell Mountains Center, please contact our Executive Director at to submit a proposal.

2018 Schedule

  • Friday, June 1 - Birds in Migration with Mark Vail: Meet in front of the Old Hardware Store at 7:30am for a fun and informative two hour walk and talk to see who has recently arrived and who stayed for winter. Bring binoculars. Coffee and tea early, and coffeecake will be served after the walk. Suggested $5 donation.

  • Monday, June 4 - Body Knowledge with Stephanie Sever: A lecture about the physical body with the goal of heightening body awareness, promoting self-care and injury prevention. The basics of skeletal structure and muscle tissue will be covered and you will learn how imbalances in these systems lead to pain and/or injuries. 7:00pm at Porphyry Place.

  • Thursday, June 7 - Glaciers: The biggest losers: It took hundreds of thousands of years to build up the glaciers covering the Earth's poles, slowly turning snow accumulation into ice. With temperatures on the rise everywhere, glaciers in Alaska and around the world are responding to this warming by melting away. Here we will tell the tale of glaciers from their formation when the world was a colder place to their eventual demise if temperatures keep rising. We will learn why glaciers that end in the ocean are particularly vulnerable to higher ocean temperatures and why we care so much about the future of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets even though they are so far from Alaska. 8:30pm at Porphyry Place.

  • Monday, June 18 - Geology of the Wrangells: Join geologist Mike Loso (National Park Service) for an overview of Wrangells/Kennicott Valley geology. Topics of local interest that will be covered include area bedrock history, formation of copper, volcanism, and glaciology.

  • Monday, July 2 - Morphology, Deformation, and Seasonal Varying Velocity of Ogives on the Root Glacier: Join WMC Executive Director, Nate Anderson, to learn about recent field and remote research on the mechanisms that are thought to be responsible for the formation of ogives on the Root Glacier at the base of the Stairway Icefall.

The Wrangell Mountains Center is supported in part by the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Past schedules may be viewed here.

If you are interested in presenting in this series contact to submit a proposal. 

Banner Photo: Nathaniel Wilder