Wrangell Mountains Center Staff

Stef Tschappat - Executive Director

stefanie@wrangells.org - (907) 554-4464

Stef began working as the Executive Director of the Wrangell Mountains Center (WMC) in August 2018. Stef originally came to McCarthy in 2004 to work as a mountain guide.  She and her husband have a homestead on Long Lake (15 miles outside of McCarthy) where they are raising their 3 young daughters, teaching them the joys and rewards of subsistence living.  Stef's extensive experience in outdoor and science education, along with her passion for the arts, and her love of the Wrangell Mountains make her a leading addition to the WMC team.

Nate Anderson  Photo: Hannah Rosenkrans

Nate Anderson

Photo: Hannah Rosenkrans


Tamara Egans Harper - administrative assistant

Tamara joined the WMC in 2012 as coordinator of events at the Kennecott Recreation Hall, which WMC manages.  She's worked for WMC since then, helping with the Rec Hall and assisting with various administrative tasks.  She and her husband have lived in McCarthy since 2003 and she enjoys gardening, birdwatching, skiing, biking, hiking, cooking and welcoming guests to her tinycabin bed and breakfast during the summers.

Tamara Egans Harper

Tamara Egans Harper

Lara Applebaum - Youth Programs Director


Lara first came to McCarthy in 2007 and has directed youth programming for the Wrangell Mountains Center since 2011.  Lara teaches in Anchorage during the school year and enjoys spending the summers in McCarthy with her daughter.  She collaborates with artists, scientists, and educators to provide exploratory learning opportunities for children and their parents.


Lara Applebaum

Lara Applebaum



Sophie first came to McCarthy in 2003 as a tour guide. She has returned every summer since to explore the mountains and rivers, participate in local events and to stay connected to the vibrant community. Sophie is creatively inspired by the natural environment and enjoys living, working and subsisting close to nature. She is the winter Field Studies coordinator and recruiter, working with staff at Evergreen State College to bring college students to the Wrangells for a life-changing summer program.


Wendy is an avid gardener, cook, hiker, yoga practitioner & meditation affectionado. . She is passionate about providing health care for people from all walks of life and has practiced alternative health care in Portland, Maine since 1984.  Her first experience in Alaska was in 1972 to photograph in Denali and she is ready to spend more time in wild places & giving back; she's extremely excited to be joining the Wrangell Mountains Center community to cook for the 2019 season!



Ashley is no stranger to the Land of the Midnight Sun and last summer visited McCarthy for the first-time and fell in love with the community, amazing rivers, and mountainous landscape.  She is a true outdoor adventurist and has rock climbed recreationally and competitively all over the world. She also enjoys fishing, camping, painting, and hiking with her friends and family.  She just finished her freshman year at Western Washington University and is excited to spend her summer in the Wrangells.


Ann is a recent graduate of the University of the South with a major in Natural Resources and a background in tourism. She grew up in Juneau and fist visited McCarthy in 2018 on a backpacking trip and felt instantly connected to the place.  She grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the WMC team for the 2019 season sharing her love for the environment, science, and outdoor adventure.

Sophie Litteé

Sophie Litteé

wendy pollock.jpg

Jonathan Douglass-INTERN

Jonathan grew up in Bremerton Washington near Olympic National Park where he found his passion for the outdoors.  Six years ago, he moved to Alaska and has been busy exploring as much of this great state as possible since.  He first visited the Wrangells in 2014 on a backpacking adventure full of bears, fossils, berry picking, and local color and immediately fell in love with the place. Jonathan has lead trips around the globe, kayaked rivers as far south as Argentina,  and is currently attending the University of Alaska, Anchorage working towards a B.S. in Environment and Society.

Banner Photo: Nina Elder