Forms and Waivers

Please complete and return the following forms: 

Personal Equipment Reminder List

  • WALKING SHOES - tennis shoes, stout sandals, or light boots for walking around town.
  • HIKING BOOTS - sturdy and water repellent for hikes.
  • SOCKS - wool or synthetic (not cotton) socks for use with your hiking boots. A heavy outer sock with a light inner sock helps prevent blisters.
  • DAYPACK - a lightweight, frameless daypack for carrying lunch, notebook, raingear, etc.
  • SLEEPING BAG and PAD (only if you choose to camp) - Be prepared for cold temperatures at night.
  • TENT (only if you are camping) - Preferably one with a good waterproof fly that reaches nearly to the ground and mosquito netting. It is a good idea to seal all the seams of your tent before arriving at the workshop.
  • RAIN PROTECTION - waterproof (not just water resistant) raincoat, cagoule or anorak, and pants. Material should be coated nylon, Gore-tex, or a similar material in good condition.
  • INSULATION LAYERS - You should prepare for a day outside in rain, wind, and low temperatures. We recommend a warm hat, lightweight gloves or mittens, long underwear tops and bottoms (non-cotton), wool or fleece sweater/jacket, and a tough pair of wool or synthetic pants. A heavy parka is unnecessary.
  • GAITERS - Optional - If you already have a pair, they can help keep gravel and rocks out of your boots.
  • T-SHIRT and SHORTS - We have nice weather, too! (And we have great tee-shirts for sale).
  • TOWEL and TOILET ARTICLES - soap, toothbrush and paste, medications, tampons, etc. The store in town has general items, but we are 100 miles from a major market. Please plan accordingly.
  • SMALL FLASHLIGHT or headlamp
  • BATTERY POWERED ALARM - a travel alarm clock or watch.
  • SUN PROTECTION - sunglasses, sunscreen, and brimmed hat.
  • INSECT REPELLENT – Some people use head-nets if they are particularly sensitive to mosquitoes. A loose, long-sleeve cotton shirt with tight collar works great on warm days.
  • BINOCULARS - Optional - Bring only if you already have a pair.