Wrangell Mountains Scientific Publications

We developed this bibliography for anyone interested in or seeking more scientific information about the Wrangell Mountains and the surrounding lowlands.

Our specific goal in developing this bibliography was to provide references for:

  • Scientific researchers, particularly those already familiar with generally accessible references, and those interested in finding data and insights from the grey literature not readily located on academic or vendor shelves

  • Participants and students in WMC programs, and their colleagues in universities, schools, and agencies throughout Alaska and the world

  • Individuals seeking to learn more about literature which pre-dates the early 1990s typical era of computerized scientific searches, commonly the early 1990s, recognizing that the Wrangells has a longer history of scientific research than most boreal areas in the western hemisphere.

  • Students and teachers.

  • Residents and visitors who seek to go further in depth than is normally possible with conventional search engines or library catalogs

This version of the bibliography was reviewed by Margot Higgins. We seek your additions, corrections, and contributions of digital documents. Contact us at info@wrangells.org.

We have worked with or encountered references on nearby regions that are directly applicable to the Wrangells or may be of interest to Wrangells researchers. We have made no concerted effort to collect such references; rather, we are listing citations, which we have used or garnered in the course of researching the Wrangells. These references have been compiled over the years, and may be useful to those seeking a larger picture or to adapt findings made in neighboring regions to the Wrangells such as the greater Copper Basin, Yukon Wrangells/White River/Donjek basins, Yakutat/Yakataga and Gulf of Alaska, South-Central Alaska, generally, where pertinent to the Wrangells.

This bibliography reflects material gathered together using Zotero, an open-source bibliography management tool. The bibliography compiles information about materials that appear in a wide range of forms including freely distributable personal notes, articles appearing in open access scholarly journals and research published by traditional journals that maintain strict copyright policies. As such, each has unique distribution and reproduction guidelines. The shared Zotero library is available for Wrangell Mountains Center-affiliated researchers to retrieve content otherwise difficult to locate or unavailable. Please note that some of the content in the Zotero-hosted shared library is for reference only and not available for distribution. 

For questions or concerns regarding fair use of specific materials or about the Zotero shared library, please contact the administrator.

Notation used in this bibliography is generally that of the U.S. Geological Survey, as USGS is the single largest source of citations. We say “generally that of USGS” because we have not edited in detail using guidance from its iconic “Suggestions of authors of USGS reports”. Those wishing to conform in greater detail to USGS notation are welcome to participate in the editing. A modifiable version of the bibliography will be provided if you write to us at the email address above.

We have included citations that we, personally, have found to be relevant to the Wrangells, and those which some of our colleagues and collaborators have referred to us. In some cases, these are texts, global, or regional studies which focus on locales far from McCarthy or do not have direct records of conditions in the Wrangells. We have not confirmed linkage to issues near McCarthy (or the wider study area) in each case, but believe that most seemingly-nonwrangellian sources may be more applicable that might be thought from the titles. Let us know if you use a listing which has no apparent Wrangells connection, and we will delete it from future versions of the bibliography.

At a future date, it is our hope, using Zotero, to make copies of documents available which are not copywritten or otherwise restricted. If you wish to include your own citations, please send them to us, with the text and all figures, tables, photographs and appendices included in a single Adobe pdf. 

Compiled by Vanessa Skean, Barry Hecht, Sarah Davies, Nabil Kashyap and Ben Shaine