2018 Riversong Instructor - Ruth Hill - Grand Prize Winner

Exciting news! I have just been chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the 19th Annual Great American Song Contest!  

While talking to the contest organizer who had called to congratulate me, I felt a bit like the Czech snowboarder, Ester Ledecka, with that confused look when she looked up at her winning time during the Winter Olympics.  I kept looking back at the notes I was taking, seeing the words "Grand Prize Winner", and wondering if I had heard him wrong or somehow misunderstood the meaning of those words. 

But then he said, "Your song, Oh, Brother Mine came up through 1800 songs to be the clear, beautiful winner. You will be receiving a check and a winner’s packet in about three weeks."  Then, it started to sink in! I didn’t just win 1st place in the folk category, I won 1st place overall!

I want to say “thank you” to all of you who are receiving this. Thank you for believing in my music and supporting me throughout the years. You've kept me going!

The Great American Song Contest is an International songwriting contest that was created by songwriters and features opportunities to:

1) Have your songs heard by qualified professionals
2) Win prestigious awards and useful prizes
3) Advance your songwriting, promote your songs & open doors in the music business.

I entered this contest because its judges listen thoroughly and respectfully to each and every song, then they provide a detailed written evaluation upon completion of the contest. I just wanted one of my songs evaluated by industry professionals, I never expected to win…but one does hope!

Here’s a link www.GreatAmericanSong.com.

Much love,


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